Log/Alarms Files Configuration

About this task

  • Log/alarms configuration files.
  • Row format in the configuration files
  • Device pause/offline.

Log/alarms configuration files


  1. Configuration files for log/alarms are:
    File Configurationfor:
    Printer_AlrNLogConfig.csv Errors on the Printer.
    Job_AlrNLogConfig.csv Errors in individual jobs.
  2. The two configuration files are located in the [CIMPLICITY Install]\RCO directory.

    Row format in the configuration files

    Each row in the configuration file has the following data:


    Where elements are:

    Element Description
    First ErrorCode Indicates an error in the printer/job. 
    Second Log-0 Log a particular error.
    Alarm-1 Generate an alarm for the error.
    Both-2 Log an error and generate an alarm.
    DFO-1 No alarming or logging
    Third Message Actual message when the corresponding error occurs. The message:
    • Is seen in the log or alarm based on the user setting
    • Provides a description of the error at the printer or job
    Recommendation: Keep the default settings.
    Fourth ErrorCodeInHex Hex code returned by the printer/job.
    1 Perform automatic device fail over.
    0 Do not perform automatic device fail over.
    Note: The printer_alrnlogConfig.csv and job_alrnlogConfig.csv files are available in the ...<CIMPLICITY install>\/rco folder



    Device Pause/Offline

    The following happens when a user pauses the device or sets it to off line.

    Pause/Offline Result
    Pause Logging and/or alarms  respond immediately.
    Offline The status is not updated immediately. It will take a noticeable period of time to respond; the behavior of different devices will differ for the same error condition. As a result, you need to do the configuration settings. Currently the:
    • Error Configuration setting applies to all the printers/devices.
    • Setting is common for all Broadcast projects on a system; it is not project specific.