Broadcast Device Groups

About this task

Broadcast enables you to create device groups in which you can select primary and secondary devices printers for Broadcast use. You can then use these groups when you configure BCO function blocks or through the Broadcast Queue Monitor.

Advantages of using device groups include:

  • The printer configuration dialog enables you to associate available resources in a CIMPLICITY project with a given printer.
  • Because the printers in the groups are conveniently listed in the Workbench right pane, you can make sure that the selections adhere to the valid primary/secondary combinations.

Steps to create a device group include:

Step 1 Create a new Broadcast Device Group
Step 2 Configure the Device Group

You can create as many device groups as you need as long as they adhere to the valid combinations. You can also modify or delete them, as needed.

The following occurs if the primary device is not available for broadcast and a secondary device is selected.


  1. The status bit of the Primary device is set to indicate that it is not available for broadcast.
  2.  Broadcast is sent to the secondary.
  3. All subsequent broadcasts are directed to the secondary device until one of the following occurs.
    • If the secondary device also fails Broadcast:
    • Checks if the primary is online again.
    • Resets the status bit back to available.
    • Sends the job to the primary.

    Note: If the primary is still down, Broadcast raises an alarm.

    • The user manually switches back to the primary.