Alarm Cast Alarm Administrator: Database Conversion

About this task

The database for the Alarm Cast server is FPAMServer.mdb.


If the previous CIMPLICITY Pager was installed, the corresponding FPAMAdmin.mdb database will be incompatible with Alarm Cast Administrator; however it can be converted

Note: If you have not converted then database, when you start the Alarm Cast Administrator for the first time after you install Alarm Cast, a message will report that the database is incompatible; ??the Database Convertor must be run.

Example: Windows 7


  1. Open the Windows Start menu.
  2. Select CIMPLICITY>Alarm Cast>Database Conversion.

    A Database Conversion dialog box opens.

  3. Click Next.


The Wizard will report if the database is up to date or needs conversion; if the database requires conversion the Wizard will guide you through the steps