About Change Management

  • About Change Management overview.
  • Change Management topics.
  • CIMPLICITY options not supported in Change Management.

About Change Management Overview

Beginning with CIMPLICITY 7.0, several versions of configuration and files that apply to a single CIMPLICITY projector computer level configuration can be stored and retrieved on a Change Management ??(PCM) server.

  • More than one local server can hold copies of the same CIMPLICITY project and maintain the project's integrity through the PCM.
  • Each local server can store versions of the computer-based files.
1 Local Server 1 holds the following projects: C1, M2, P1.
2 Local Server 2 holds the following projects: P1, M2, C2.
3 Change Management Server holds several versions of the following: C1, M2, P1, C2.

Change Management Topics

  • Entities Overview in Change Management.
  • Enable computer management.
  • Enable project management.
  • Change Management procedures.
  • Change Management client.
  • Change Management best practices.
  • Change Management technical reference.

CIMPLICITY Options not Supported in Change Management

The following are not supported in Change Management.

  • Microsoft Cluster.
  • Tracker.
  • Order Execution Management.