About Statistical Process Control

SPC uses statistical methods to determine whether processes are within required limits. While CIMPLICITY's normal alarm functions detect when individual points actually exceed limits, SPC analysis can provide early warning by detecting undesirable systematic variations in your process. This can help you pinpoint process, machine, operator, or material problems so that actions can be taken to diagnose and resolve the problem.

CIMPLICITY performs a series of functions in order to provide you with information through the SPC option.

SPC PreparationSPC Products: ConfigurationSPC Control: Configuration3. SPC Preparation: Points4. SPC Preparation: Database LoggerSPC RuntimeSPC Runtime5.5. SPC Variable: Alarms/Control Tests6.5. SPC Attribute: Alarms/Control TestsSPC Charts
Item Descriptions
SPC Preparation CIMPLICITY features, such as security, points and database logging require some configuration to work with and/or be available for SPC.
Point Management includes points used in SPC document configuration.
ODBC database
SPC Products Configuration includes creating and defining quality characteristics for:
Variable alarms/control tests.
Attribute alarms/control tests.
SPC Control Configuration provides options for chart properties and display.
SPC runtime During runtime users can interact with SPC charts. Options include:
Manual data entry.
SPC Runtime Charts SPC provides many charts for quality characteristics.