Alarm Cast Alarm Administrator: Key Features

Alarm Cast Alarm Administrator is another product in the Alarm Cast Suite of products and may reside on your Alarm Cast Server or access an Alarm Cast Server over a LAN or WAN connection. It is designed to centralize all wireless alarm management into one single application. This means that alarms/events from all automated monitoring systems in your enterprise can be centrally maintained and dispatched from one system.

Alarm Cast Alarm Administrator adds full alarm management capabilities to Alarm Cast. Utilizing the alarm management features of Alarm Cast Alarm Administrator, proper attention can be directed towards events based on severity including repeat messages and event escalation.??Active alarms are then reported to the engine for initiation; the engine then records and tracks each alarm over its lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Escalation hierarchy: includes built-in logic including attributes, delay before send, repeat and more
  • Optionally sends terminate message to prevent unnecessary responses once problem resolved
  • Server configuration is hot reloadable, allowing real-time changes to the live system with no impact on alarms in process
  • Time-based escalation