HMI for CNC is a product option release of HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY. If you purchased a licensed system, the following is included:

  • CIMPLICITY software license agreement.
  • Licenses for the CIMPLICITY Base System, HMI for CNC option, HMI for CNC additional connections, and other options you purchased.
  • Install media containing the software you need to install and use HMI for CNC.
  • Associated documentation.

Note the following important information regarding HMI for CNC:

Item Description
HMI for CNC is not cluster-aware. Due to protocol limitations, HMI for CNC is not currently supported in a cluster environment.
Retry method for down devices. When communicating with multiple FOCAS Ethernet CNCs, it???s recommended that the global parameter DC_RETRY_ONE_DEVICE be set to TRUE for the project. For information on global parameters, see Global Parameters in CIMPLICITY Help.
Count licenses by CNCs rather than paths. HMI for CNC licensing now counts the Host, IP, or HSSB address of the CNC; it does not count each path. This is of particular value to users who use a CNC such as the Series 30i/31i/32i, which supports up to ten (10) paths per CNC.
Handling multiple devices. If multiple devices are configured to use the same physical CNC, only one of the available HMI for CNC licenses will be used.
Licensing. If you don't have a license for CIMPLICITY for CNC v10.0, the product will run in 2-hour demo mode. In addition to that time limit, actual device communications and the CNC alarm process are disabled.
Converting CimEdit screens with embedded FANUC ActiveX controls. If you created CimEdit screens under HMI for CNC version 4.0 or earlier, with embedded FANUC ActiveX controls, and have not performed the following steps, complete the steps now so the screens can be upgraded to work with HMI for CNC 10.0.
  1. Ensure all CIMPLICITY projects are shut down.
  2. For each project with a screen or multiple screens that have embedded FANUC ActiveX controls, do the following.
  1. Open Workbench.
  2. Click Tools>Command Prompt on the Workbench menu bar.
The Command window opens. The command prompt displays as: c:\<project name> Where c:\<project name> represents the drive that the project is on and the project name.
  1. Type the following:
cd screens The prompt changes to c:\<project name>\screens>
  1. Type the following:
convert_screen "screen name" or convert_screen *
Obsolete interface boards. Because only the PCI HSSB Interface Board is supported in Windows XP and subsequent versions of Windows, ISA HSSB Interface Boards