About System Sentry

Bottlenecks occur even in the best-designed systems. They occur when a resource, for example hard disk space, memory or cache, is asked to do more than it can handle. The result can slow down or even stop an entire system.

A system administrator may know that one or more of the many diverse resources in a system are potential trouble spots. The challenge he or she faces is to catch a bottleneck before it occurs. Other problems can be more difficult to track, simply because they occur "under the hood". Without suitable tools, finding them can turn into a guessing game that, at best, is frustrating, at worst wastes time and money.

Welcome to the System Sentry. You no longer have to cross your fingers and hope that your computer system will avoid the bottlenecks and overloads that occur even in the best of system designs.

The System Sentry can provide you with performance data for every resource in your system, ranging from available hard drive space, CPU usage and free memory at any given moment to the accumulated number of alarms that have been generated since you started a CIMPLICITY project.

The System Sentry can warn you before the bottlenecks occur. You can:

  • Use your own customized System Sentry screens to display the performance of any process in your system (that comes with counters).
  • Be warned audibly by an alarm if a bottleneck in a selected process is about to occur.
  • Be paged if a bottleneck in a selected process is about to occur.
  • Be warned of irregularities by visual or audio alarms while you work with a system.
  • View the performance of all the processes on easy-to-read, pre-configured System Sentry screens.

You can use the System Sentry to diagnose:

  • One or more CIMPLICITY projects.
  • A local computer.
  • Primary and secondary SQL server computers.
  • Simple networks.
  • Other systems, for example, Web systems.