Creating a License Report

You can create a License Report in text or HTML format to show all licenses on a device, including the customer name, license number, expiration date, license version, license source, and license type.

When there is an existing License Report, you must provide the -overwrite option in the command. If not, the command fails.
  1. Open a command-line interpreter window with Administrator privileges.
  2. Enter one of these commands, which are case insensitive:
    Text format Start/wait ProficyLicenseWizard .exe -Licensereport="c:\temp\LicenseReport.txt" -Format=TXT -Overwrite
    HTML format Start/wait ProficyLicenseWizard .exe -Licensereport="c:\temp\LicenseReport.html" -Format=HTML -Overwrite
    The License Report is generated, as shown in the following sample report.
    License Report Created on : 12/11/2018 1:52:18 PM
    Created For Device : 1234A12348Y
    License Key Information: 
    	CustomerName : GE
    	Customer CSN : 12341234
    	License Number : 123412349101
    	Expiration Date : 01 Jan 2019
    	Create Date : 20 Oct 2014
    	License Version : Flexera (3)
    	License Source : GE Software License
    	License Type : Leased
    Number of Licensed Products = 1
     - Sales Demo License (1234-1234-1234-1234)