Cleaning Licenses from a Non-Configurable Software Key

You can remove licenses from a non-configurable software key using the command line or a batch file. This action is known as “cleaning” licenses.

Verify the License Client is not running concurrently.
  • Cleaning is irreversible and removes all existing licenses from your computer. The command-line option does note display any additional warnings.
  • You can activate licenses after the cleaning process completes.
  • To clean licenses from the DOS command line:
    1. Open a command-line interpreter window with Administrator privileges.
    2. Navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Proficy\Proficy Common\Proficy Common Licensing\ProficyLicenseViewer"
    3. Clean licenses by entering "Start/wait ProficyLicenseWizard.exe -CleanNonConfigSWKey".

    The following response appears:

    "License(s)  were
              removed successfully."
    Note: If there is an error executing the command, a message appears. See the Proficy License Client log file for more details.
  • To clean licenses using a batch file, enter your commands in the following format in your batch file:
    echo  off
    Start/wait  ProficyLicenseWizard.exe -CleanNonConfigSWKey
    if  errorlevel 1 (
       echo The command failed. Error code=%errorlevel%
      exit /b %errorlevel%
    echo  Success
    The command returns 0 when successful, or one of the error codes defined in the command return code table.