Access the Details of a Collector Instance


  1. Access the system linked to the collector instance whose details you want to view.
  2. Select Collectors.
    A list of collectors linked to the system appears, displaying the following columns:
    Column Description
    COLLECTOR NAME The name of the collector instance. If you select the link in this column, the details of the collector instance appears.
    COMPRESSION The effectiveness of collector compression. If the value is low, you can increase the compression deadbands to pass fewer values and thus increase the effect of compression.
    CONFIGURATION The source of the tag configuration for the collector. Contains one of the following values:
    • HISTORIAN: Indicates that tags are configured using Historian Administrator.
    • OFFLINE: Indicates that tags are configured using an offline configuration file.
    MACHINE The name of the machine on which the collector is installed.
    OUT OF ORDER The total number of out-of-order samples for the collector.
    OVERRUNS The total number of data events not collected. In normal operation and under normal conditions, this value should always be zero. If the value is not zero, which indicates that data is being lost, you must take steps to reduce peak load on the system by increasing the collection interval.
    REDUNDANCY Indicates whether collector redundancy is enabled, which decreases the likelihood of lost data due to soft- ware or hardware failures. For information, refer to Collector Redundancy.
    REPORT RATE The average rate at which the collector is sending data. This is a general indicator of load on the collector.
    STATUS The status of the collector. Contains one of the following values:
    • Started
    • Stopped
    • Running
    • Paused
    TAG COUNT The number of tags for which the collector collects data.
    VERSION The version number of the collector.
    Note: You can add, reorder, and remove columns from the table. For instructions, refer to Common Tasks in Configuration Hub.
  3. Select the row containing the collector whose details you want to access.
    The details of the collector appear in the main section, and a summary appears in the Details section.
    Note: If the Details section does not appear, in the upper-right corner of the page, select , and then select Details.