About Managing Collector Instances Using Configuration Hub

Collectors are used to collect data from various sources and send it to Historian. For a list of collectors and their usage, refer to About Historian Data Collectors.

After you install collectors and Remote Management Agent, the following artefacts will be available:
  • Executable files: These files are required to add a collector instance.
  • The Remote Collector Management agent: Provides the ability to manage collectors remotely.
You can then add a collector instance. This section describes how to add a collector instance using Configuration Hub. You can also add a collector instance using the RemoteCollectorConfigurator utility, which does not require you to install Web-based Clients.
Note: Using Configuration Hub, you cannot add comments, enable the debug mode, pause data collection, resume data collection, modify, or delete an instance of offline collectors. In addition, you cannot compress network messages. You can, however, add or delete the collector instance using the Collector Manager utility at a command prompt.