9.5. Create an  RLM to Move Blocks by Color

About this task

You can use RLMs to move items around the factory based on selected attributes. In CIMPTRACK the attribute that will send items to Machine 0 or Machine 1 is the block's  Color attribute.

When the RLM is completed, blocks (using a carrier) will move based on the following criteria.

Block Color Will Move to:
Green Machine 0
Red Machine 1
Blue The machine that did not get the last Block/Carrier.

Begin the configuration as follows.

A Create a new RLM
B Configure a MACH 0 GREEN Function Block
  1. Create a new RLM

Create the following new routing Logic in the SPLIT RCO site.

Name Decision_by_Attribute
Description Target region by color
  1. Configure a MACH 0 GREEN Function Block

A MACH 0 GREEN function block will move any Green block (using a carrier) to Machine 0.


  1. Open a Select Decision by Attribute Value dialog box.

    The requested data will control where the Green blocks/carriers will move to, based on the selected attribute and decision.

    Description MACH 0 GREEN
    Tag Select/enter the following.
    Region Location First Region Location
    Item Class BLOCK
    Attribute ID COLOR
    Attribute Start Character 0
    Attribute Length 0
    Value to Compare GREEN
    Decision to select RCONV-MACH0
    Condition =
    Comparison Alphabetic
  2. Click OK.


MACH 0 GREEN is listed in the ToRegionbyColor RLM box.