Exercise 9.6. Create a Block by Attribute RLM

About this task

Another routing possibility is that RCO will choose between the two decisions based on the color that is already in either Machine 0 or Machine 1.

For example, some possibilities are:

  If: The next position in LOAD is:   Then RCO will choose:
Machine 0 has GREEN block/carriers GREEN RCONV_MACH0
Machine 1 has RED block/carriers GREEN RCONV_MACH0
Machine 0 has GREEN block/carriers RED RCONV_MACH1
Note: Name the RLM, Block_by_Attribute .

Remember there are blocks with three different colors that have to be moved.

A Choose Block by Attribute Parameters
B Test the Block by Attribute RLM
  1. Choose Block by Attribute Parameters


  1. Keep the Always Evaluate parameter in mind when you select the options
    Parameter Description
    Always Evaluate Hard, Soft or Breakable. This parameter controls what happens when the extension eliminates all available decisions.
    Hard All decisions will remain eliminated. Enter a wait state after the logic script has completed.
    Soft Roll back any decisions eliminated by this extension.
    Breakable Roll back any decisions eliminated by this extension that have a danger point value of True (non zero). The routing modules will first use the danger defined for each individual decision; and, if no danger point has been configured for the decision, then the site-wide danger point will be used. If no danger point can be found for a decision, then the decision remains eliminated.

    If you still have questions, review other details about the Block by Attribute function.

  2. Remember before you complete the Block by Attribute Logic that there are:
    • Two regions.
    • Three colors.

    It is also possible that one or both of the machine regions start out with no block/carriers.

    Make sure that all of the colors are accounted for.

    1. Test the Block by Attribute RLM
  3. Perform the required procedures to update the CIMPLICITY project with the new Block_by_Attribute RLM.
  4. Remember to Modify the Machine button's configuration (the way you did for the Next_Highest_Order RLM.
    Note: Think of other conditions for moving items from region to region and experiment with different routing logic modules in the SPLIT site and in other sites. If you haven't already, automate the SCHEDULE to Load, LOAD_CONV to LOAD and LOAD to ROBOT_CONV routes.