Exercise 9.5. Complete the Decision_by_Attribute RLM Configuration

Additional configuration for the Decision_by_Attribute RLM includes procedures that you have performed previously in this tutorial.

Tracker Configuration Window

Green blocks will now move to the Machine0 region.

However function blocks need to be configured for Red and Blue blocks.

Block Color Will Move to:
Green Machine 0
Red Machine 1
Blue The machine that did not receive the last Block/Carrier.

Red Blocks to Machine 1

Create a new function block to send the Red blocks to Machine 1.

Name the block MACH 1 RED.

The selected function block will be the same type you used for Green blocks. However, select/enter the values that will send Red blocks to Machine 1.

Blue Blocks Based on the Last Move

Blue blocks can move to either Machine 0 or Machine 1 depending on which machine did not receive the last block/carrier.

Note: You created this function block type previously.

Note: Remember to perform the required procedures to update the CIMPLICITY project with the new Decision_by_Attribute RLM.

CimEdit CIMPTRACK Screen

Remember to modify the Machine button configuration.

Decision_by_Attribute RLM Test

Test the Decision_by_Attribute RLM