8.3.5. Activate and Verify the New RCO Site

About this task

You have successfully created a new RCO site!

A Activate the new RCO Site
B Verify the RCO Configuration
C Unlock AddPrtRC

Activate the new RCO Site


  1. Right-click the AddPrtRC folder.
  2. Select Activate on the Popup menu.
  3. Click the Save button on the TrackerCfg_UI menu bar.

    Verify the RCO Configuration

  4. Click the Error Dialog button on the TrackerCfg_UI toolbar. A blank Error Dialog box opens.
  5. Click the Verify button on the TrackerCfg_UI toolbar.
    Result: The Error Dialog report box will list any errors that it finds; it there are no errors the report box will remain blank.

    Note: If errors are listed, click Goto to help you find where they are.

    Unlock AddPrtRC

  6. Right-click CIMPTRACK in the TrackerCfg_UI left-pane.
  7. Clear the Lock check mark on the Popup menu.

    Note: Notice that Activate and other options are now disabled.

  8. Exit the TrackerCfg_UI.
  9. Stop the project.
    Note: Perform a CIMPLICITY configuration update.
  10. Restart the CIMPTRACK project.