4. RCOUI Toolbar

The buttons on the toolbar provide one-click access to the most commonly used functions. They are described as follows:

1 Open Open window displays for opening a profile.
2 Configure Opens the Configuration dialog box for editing a profile.
3 Enable/Disables Control Site Toggles the status of the selected control site.
4 Manual Control Enables manual control decisions. Dimmed when site is disabled.
5 Reset Trigger Resets a control site trigger source.
6 Manual Trigger Manually trips the selected trigger.
7 Alarming/Logging Opens the Alarming/Logging Options dialog box.
8 Cancel Decision Cancels selected decisions, when 'in process'.
9 Triggers Opens the Control Site Triggers Display dialog box.
10 Decisions Opens the Valid Control Site Decisions dialog box for the selected control site.
11 Search Opens the Search dialog box.
12 Execute Current Decision Executes the selected decision.
Note: The Configure button is only active on the toolbar when the /config switch is used on the Command line.