About Production Tracking

Production Tracking (PRT) is is a specialized database designed to track products as they move through a production process.

The following topics provide a detailed description of PRT and how it is configured.

  • Production Tracking system definitions and guidelines.
  • Production Tracking Model layout planning.
  • Production Tracking Configuration
  • Production Tracking User Interface (PRT_UI).

PRT Technical Reference.

PRT is fully integrated with CIMPLICITY software's base system functionality to enhance its already powerful monitoring capability in a full range of computer-integrated manufacturing environments.

The CIMPLICITY base system functionality (Point Management, Alarm Management, Database Logging facilities, and a full-functioned User Interface) enables you to collect data for reporting and to view data in lists, graphic status displays, and alarms.

Note: If you have installed Tracker Extended Production, you will find that PRT's capabilities are further enhanced. However, it is recommended that you first understand the Tracker basic components, Production Tracking and Routing Control Objects.

The Tracker module also has the ability to integrate with many of the industry-standard data communications products.

There are also several optional application subroutines for customizing your application.