Routing Control Object User Interface (RCO_UI)

The RCO Runtime User Interface enables you to view your control sites during runtime. Control Sites are the critical points in your production process where control decisions are made by RCO. Aside from the comprehensive data you can view about each site in the window, there are a number of other functions you can perform and other methods for viewing additional information.

Using the RCO Runtime User Interface, you can:

Step 1 Connect to the RCO Runtime User Interface.
Step 2 Select the control site.
Step 3 Review the RCOUI features.
Step 4 Create or open profiles.
Step 5 Configure an RCO profile.
Step 6 Manage decisions.
Step 7 Manage triggers.
Step 8 Set alarming and logging options through the RCOUI.
Step 9 Search for control sites.
Step 10 Respond to RCO error conditions.