RCO Function Blocks

Function blocks are the basic unit of execution in Routing Control Logic and output scripts.

A function block may be used in any type of script; however, some blocks have a specific purpose that limits their usefulness in certain types of modules. For example, a Select Decision function block in an output module would serve no purpose. The decision has already been selected by the time the output module is selected. A Set Point function block could be useful in either a logic or output module.

Routing Logic Modules (RLM) are used to select decisions. The list of available decisions is controlled by Routing Control Configuration. A logic module can only select or eliminate a decision in one specific site, it may not select or eliminate decisions in more then one site.

RCO supports the following types of function blocks:

BCO function blocks (available with Order Execution Mgt.).
Conditional function blocks.
Core function blocks.
Diagnostic function blocks.
Include file.
Output function blocks.
PRT function blocks.
Routing function blocks.
Range Source function blocks (available with Order Execution Mgt.).
RCO TADB function blocks (available with Order Execution Mgt.).