3. Control Site Data

The control decisions for the selected control site are displayed in the window in column format. Each column represents a field of data for the line item decisions in the list.

The following information is available:

1 Seq Number of the decision for the control site. RCO uses a consecutive numbering scheme.
2 Start Time Date and time the decision cycle started.
3 Decision Decision on which the control cycle is working.
4 Dec. Attrib. Value of the decision's attribute.
5 Type Source of the decision as follows:
Manual Initiated by a user.
Automatic Initiated by RCO.
6 Status Current status of the decision to include one of the following types:
Pending Control site disabled; decision waiting to be released.
Execute Executing.
Complete Completed.
Failed Failed to execute.
Unknown Status of decision is not known.
In process Awaiting asynchronous validation.
Canceled Canceled.