Step 1. Connect the RCO Runtime User Interface

Before you start the RCO Runtime User Interface, there must be an RCO project running with active control sites. The interface is used specifically for viewing RCO runtime data and for performing certain control functions.

In order to access the Configuration dialog to create new profiles, the /config switch is needed in the Command line. The command looks like the following: C:\rco_ui /config < profile file >, where C is the drive where the RCO UI is stored.
CAUTION: When upgrading your CIMPLICITY software, you must upgrade your RCO projects or you may not be able to access the RCO Runtime User Interface.

You can connect to the RCO_UI using the following options:

Option 1.1 Connect to local project.
Option 1.2 Connect to projects in an existing RCO profile.
Option 1.3 Connect to project from the command line.
Option 1.4 Connect to the configuration dialog.