1.1. Access the Expression Editor

About this task

The Build Expression window provides an area to create an expression using points, class data items, or Historian tags.

To open the Build Expression window, select any of the buttons to the right of the Expression box.


Item Description
A Opens the Build Expression window.
B Displays a menu; select Build Expression to open the Build Expression window.


The Build Expression window contains the following boxes and sections:

Box/Section Description
Project Select the project for creating the expression.
Points See Build an Expression through Points.
Classes See Build an Expression through Class Data Items.
Historian See Build an Expression through Historian Tags.
Expression Displays the expression created by selecting the point IDs, class IDs, Historian tags, or a combination of all of them.
Functions See Use Function Window.
New Point

Creates a new point to be added to the expression.

Note: This button is only enabled for the Points section.