Variables as Data Sources within CimView

Variables are flexible containers for information and do not add to your project's overhead. A variable has a unique name, a variable ID, and represents a value that can be assigned to it during configuration of the CimEdit screen or at runtime.

Some of the data sources it can represent are:

  • Full Point ID
  • Partial Point ID
  • Text string in an expression.

A variable does not communicate with the PLC but is wholly contained in CimEdit.

Example of a Variable

Different values (types of values) are assigned to a variable ID {var_value} for different items on a CimEdit screen.

Variable ID Value
var_level 40
var_level tank_level (point)
var_level tank_level+50
var_level Assigned during runtime

In addition to providing you with several options for assigning values, variables can streamline your configuration time. For example, when you create an object that uses variable IDs, you can use the same object in several locations on a CimEdit screen, or on several different screens and assign different text strings to each instance of the object.