Supported Data Types

About this task

Descriptions of pre-configured and configured points for each of the CNC data types are as follows.

  • Floating data.
  • CNC data types.

Floating data

All floating point data is actually stored on the CNC in two separate memory locations.

The two memory locations are:


  1. A long integer that specifies the value.
  2. A short integer that specifies the number of decimal places (for example, the precision).

    Within CIMPLICITY software, these two integers are:

    • Converted into a single 8-byte, double precision, floating point number and
    • Stored in a REAL point.
    Important: The nature of floating point data is such that imprecision is likely in the least significant digits.

    Therefore, when dealing with REAL points, it is not appropriate to use these points in conditions that involve EQUALS or NOT EQUALS.


    • It is not appropriate to test if REAL point A = 5 since the exact representation stored in A might be 5.000000000000001.
    • It is appropriate to use the Less than or equal to or Greater than or equal to operators.

    CNC data types

    Use any combination of pre-configured and configured points for each of the following CNC data types in your CIMPLICITY project.

    • Active program numbers.
    • Actual axis feedrate / actual spindle speed.
    • Axis position data (static, absolute, machine, and distance-to-go).
    • Custom macro variable data.
    • Diagnosis data.
    • P Code macro variable data.
    • Parameter data.
    • Pitch error compensation data.
    • PMC BMI bits.
    • Skip data.
    • Tool offset data.
    • Work zero offset data.
    • Tool Life Management data.
    • Tool Management data.