CNC Part Program

  • Overview.
  • Environment variables on the PC.
  • Part Program file type associations.
  • Part Program parameters.
  • Use the CNC Part Program application.


  • The CNC Part Program Application enables you to upload and download part programs between your PC and CNC.
  • The CNC dynamic link library (DLL) provides a common interface for enabling communication between an application and a CNC device.
1 Application requests part program data.
2 DLL links request to CNC.
3 CNC sends part program data.
4 DLL links to the application.
Note: All existing directories and part program files on your network can be used in this application.

Environment variables on the PC

Define a temporary directory name TEMP or TMP in your environment.

Part program file type associations

The recommended file extension for part program files is .pro.

Note: Associate the file with your selected text editor through the Windows Explorer.

That way you can open quickly open the text editor whenever you select a part program file.

See Windows documentation for information about associating files.