Axis Position Data

Axis Position data points Are read-only.
  • Points for axis positions attributes.
  • Address specifications.
  • Support for obtaining data.

Points for axis positions attributes

When configuring these points, you must specify the following attributes.

  • Static axis positions.
  • Absolute axis positions.
  • Distance-to-go axis positions.
  • Machine axis positions.

Address specifications

Address specifications for axis positions include the following.

Address specification Indicates
Two-letter prefix Position type
Number following the prefix Particular axis.


DA6 specifies Distance-to-Go axis number 6.

Support for obtaining data

Support is provided for obtaining data from up to:

Axes CNC
24 axes Series 150/150i
8 axes Series 160/180/210, 160i/180i/210i, 0i-A/B/C
32 axes Series 30i/31i/32i.
4 axes Series 0i-D
2 axes PowerMatei-D
6 axes PowermateH, iH

You will only be able to obtain data for the number of controlled axes that are configured in your CNC.


If your CNC is currently configured for 3 controlled axes, you can define points for Machine Axis Positions MA1 - MA8. However, only points MA1, MA2, and MA3 will have values.