Pitch Error Compensation Data

Note: The pitch error compensation is a purchase option.
  • Pitch Error Compensation entry numbers and values.
  • Pitch Error Compensation attributes.

Pitch Error Compensation entry numbers and values

Each entry in the Pitch Error Compensation table has the following.

  Entry for CNC Has a unique number between Has an allowed assigned value between
Series 150 0 and 1279 -7 and 7
Series 150i 0 and 1279 -128 and 127
Series 160/180/210, 160i/180i/210i, 0i-A/B/C 0 and 1023 -7 and 7
Series 30i/31i/32i 0 and 1535 -128 and 127
Series 0i-D 0 and 1023 -7 and 7
Power Mate i-D 0 and 1023 -7 and 7

Pitch Error Compensation attributes

When configuring points for Pitch Error Compensation, specify the following attributes.

Note: The Power Mate H and Power Mate i-H CNC's do not support pitch error compensation attributes.
Point Class: ANALOG
Type: SINT
CNC Valid Addresses
Series 150 PEC0000 - PEC1279
Series 150i PEC0000 - PEC1279
Series 160/180/210, 160i/180i/210i, 0i PEC0000 - PEC1023
Series 30i/31i/32i PEC0000 - PEC1535
Power Mate i-D PEC0000 - PEC1023