CNC Dynamic Link Library

The CNC Dynamic Link Library enables you to transfer part programs and file data between your PC and CNC.

You have complete and total access to all the external entry points of the CNC DLL.

  • CNC DLL entry point interfaces for FOCAS/HSSB.
  • CNC DLL entry point interfaces for FOCAS/Ethernet.
  • CNC DLL sample application script and screens.

The CNC Part Program Application (C++ program), the CNC Command Line Utilities (C Programs) and CIMPLICITY CimView screens (CimEdit scripts) use the CNC Dynamic Link Library's external entry points to access part programs and file data on a CNC.

Following is a graphic Dynamic Link Library overview.

CNC Part ProgramCNC Command Line UtilitiesStep 6.1. Use the CNC QuikStart Demo Project screens
Important: In order to use the CNC DLL, make sure you:
  • Understand the entry point interfaces provided by the CNC DLL.
  • Understand the necessary configuration requirements of the CNC.
  • Code appropriate application programs.