PMC data is frequently referred to as BMI Bits.

  • Details about PMC BMI Bits.
  • Guidelines for PMC BMI Bits points.
  • Series 150 CNC's and Motorola vs. Intel standards.

Details about PMC BMI Bits

G G Data
F F Data
X X Data
Y Y Data
R R Data
A A Data
T T Data
K K Data
C C Data
D D Data
E E Data

Guidelines for PMC BMI Bits points

You can configure:

  • Points that read and write individual bits of data using digital points.
  • Analog points that access PMC data locations as individual bytes, words (2 bytes), or longwords (4 bytes) of data at a time.
  • Digital points to access bits of data.

CIMPLICITY accesses the memory location as a byte.

In order to specify the particular bit, set the Address Offset field to a value between 0 and 7,


0 specifies the least significant bit and

7 specifies the most significant bit.

  • Analog points to access 1, 2, or 4 bytes of data at a time.

Do not set the Address Offset field.

Series 150 CNC's and Motorola vs. Intel Standards

Important: Due to the different standards between Motorola and Intel, Series 150 CNC's that use PMC type NA will swap the high and low order bytes of each word. This issue was resolved in a previous HMI for CNC software release. All analog points configured to reference PMC BMI Bits data locations as words (2 bytes) or longwords (4 bytes) are converted as follows: