Skip Data

Skip Data points Are read-only.

When configuring Skip Data points, specify the following attributes.

Point Class ANALOG
Access READ
CNC Valid Addresses
Series 150/150i SD1-SD24
Series 160/180/210, 160i/180i/210i, 0i SD1-SD8
Series 30i/31i/32i SD1-SD32
Power Mate i-D SD1, SD2
Power Mate H SD1-SD6
Address Offset None
Note: If the current number of controlled axes on your CNC is less than 8, then you will be able to obtain data only for the number of axes you have configured. For example, if your CNC is currently configured for 3 controlled axes, then you may define Skip Data points SD1 - SD8. However, only points SD1, SD2, and SD3 will have values.