Alarm Cast Administrator Tools: Users

If Windows or Windows Trusted is selected for the server security, a Users folder is added to the Tools tree, if it was not already there.

  • Security is configured separately in the Alarm Cast components:
  • Alarm Cast Administrator
  • Alarm Cast Alarm Administrator
  • Alarm Cast Gateway
  • Alarm Cast Client authenticates against configured Alarm Cast Administrator users when Security is enabled.

Alarm Cast Administrator: New User

Do the following.

A Select Users in the Alarm Cast Administrator window left-pane.
B Click New User on the Alarm Cast Administrator window toolbar.

Result: Tabs for the User profile display in the Alarm Cast Administrator right-pane.

Alarm Cast Administrator: User Configuration

User configuration includes the following tabs.

  • Details Tab
  • Destinations Tab
  • Distribution Lists Tab
  • Preferences Tab

Details Tab

Select the Details tab; details options to register users are as follows.

Field Description
Username Valid Windows user.
Domain Domain the user logs into.
Password (Required with Windows Security) Password assigned to the logged in Windows user.
Confirm (Required with Windows Security) Re-entered password
Security Security levels are as follows.
ADMIN Full rights to all features.
Important: : The ADMIN security level is required to access (open) applications. For almost all instances, it is recommended that ADMIN be assigned to registered Alarm Cast users.
DEFAULT Can access only the Alarm Cast Client to send a manual message.
Notes (Optional) Additional details about or for the user.

Destinations Tab

Select the Destinations tab; do the following.

A Check the destinations for the selected user???s notices.
B (Optional) Check to display only the checked destinations.

Distribution Lists Tab

Select the Distribution Lists tab; do the following.

A Check the distribution lists for the selected user???s notices.
B (Optional) Check to display only the checked distribution lists.

Preferences Tab

Select the Preferences tab; options for the registered user are as follows.

Field Description
State VOptions for manual messages being dispatched from the Alarm Cast Client are as follows.
ON Includes the signature.
OFF Does not include the signature.
Locked Options to control editing the signature are as follows.
YES The signature cannot be edited; it is locked.
NO The signature can be edited; it is unlocked.
Method Signature sources can be any of the following.
Authenticated User Login user name.
Environment Variable Defined windows variable used as a signature
User Entered Typed literal text from the Text field (below).
Text User entered text. Note: The text is used as the signature when the:
  • State is On.
  • Method is User Entered.