GE Power at Minds + Machines 2017 

How the electron will navigate new pathways thanks to digital

October 27, 2017

Minds + Machines is GE’s premier digital industrial event.  This year GE Power kicked off our participation with a tour that took 10+ customers from 6 different countries on a Digital Industrial Transformation Journey.  From our advanced manufacturing facility in Greenville, S.C., to our Monitoring & Diagnostics Center in Atlanta, Ga., and finally to Minds + Machines in San Francisco, Calif., we showed our customers how we make, connect and optimize power generation assets with Predix all over the world. 

At Minds + Machines GE Power President & CEO Russell Stokes took the main stage to discuss the evolving path of the electron.  This evolving path of the electron could be seen in action as the New York Power Authority its collaboration with GE Power to become the world’s first digital utility.  Later, Exelon announced it was expanding its digital partnership with GE to include its transmission and distribution in addition to its power generation assets.  Engro also announced an expansion of its digital efforts with GE in Pakistan and Nigeria

Find this news as well as thought leadership, live polling and interviews below. 

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