Historian Security Groups

Historian provides the following security groups:
iH Security Admins
Historian power security users. Security Administrators have rights to all Historian functions. This group also has the ability to change tag level security, archive security, and modify the Electronic Records and Signatures option. This is the only Historian security group that overrides tag level security.
iH Collector Admins
Allowed to start and stop collectors, browse collectors, configure collectors, and add new collectors.
iH Tag Admins
Allowed to create, modify, and remove tags. Tag level security can override rights given to other Historian security groups. Tag Admins can also browse collectors.

iH Tag Admins are not responsible for setting Tag Level Security. This task can only be performed by an iH Security Admins. For more information on setting Tag Level Security, refer to the Implementing Tag Level Security section.

iH Archive Admins
Allowed to create, modify, remove, backup, and restore archives.
iH UnAudited Writers
Allowed to write data without creating any messages.
iH UnAudited Logins

Allowed to connect the DataArchiver without creating login successful audit messages.

iH Audited Writers
Allowed to write data and to produce a message each time a data value is added or changed.

Tag, archive, and collector changes log messages regardless of whether the user is a member of the iH Audited Writers Group.

iH Readers
Allowed to read data and system statistics. Also allowed access to Historian Administrator.