3.3.3. Fetch a Block into the ROBOT_CONV Region

About this task

You can fetch an item into a region from a region as well as move it from a region into a region.

A Open a Fetch Item Dialog Box
B Fetch CBLK234
C Make sure CBLK234 was Fetched
  1. Open a Fetch Item Dialog Box

Note: Make a note of the Item ID of a block in the LOAD region. For this exercise you will use CBLK234.

Do the following.

1 Select ROBOT_CONV in the Region ID field.
2 Select File>Fetch on the PRT_UI window menu bar. Tip: You can also press Ctrl+T on the keyboard.

The Fetch Item dialog box opens.

  1. Fetch CBLK234


  1. Do the following.
    A Enter CBLK234 in the Item ID field.
    B Press the Tab key.

    Result: PRTUI automatically enters the information about the item.

    For this exercise the information is:

    Field Value Entered
    Reference ID Automatically generated. This value will be different on different systems.
    Item Type 36
    tem Status I0
    Region ID LOAD
    Location 1
    Region ID ROBOT_CONV
    Location -1
    • A message will report if the item is not found.
    • Leave Fetch to next location clear.
  2. Click OK.


The ROBOT_CONV region displays.

  1. Confirm that the CBLK234 was Fetched

The available Block/carrier should have changed in the ROBOT_CONV and LOAD regions.

  • LOAD_CONV Region
  • LOAD Region


Both the block and the carrier are now in the ROBOT_CONV region.

  • CBLK234 is in the ROBOT_CONV region's Location 1.
  • CCAR567 is in the ROBOT_CONV region's Location 1.

Note: The ROBOT_CONV region was configured to allow 2 items per location.

LOAD Region

The LOAD region is now empty.