Exercise 3.3. Continue to Move Items throughout the Tracking Model

About this task

A Move items into the Warehouse
B Delete Items from the Tracking Model
  1. Move items into the Warehouse

Now that you can add, move and fetch items


  1. Continue to move the items through the tracking model and into the warehouse to get hands on experience with how it works.

    Remember that you can only have one location in the Combine Items and Disperse Items regions (LOAD and UNLOAD).

  2. Make sure you move out the current items before you add new ones in.
  3. Try moving Blocks from the ROBOT_CONV region to either the MACHINE0 or MACHINE1 regions out of sequence.

    What happens to the skipped over Carrier/Blocks?

    Tip: Tips
    • Did you map out routes, number of locations in the region, number of items in the location?

    If you did, moving Blocks and Carriers through the system should be very straight-forward.

    • Remember to clear the Insert checkbox in the Destination dialog box when you move a second item into a location.
    1. Delete Items from the Tracking Model

    When all of the items are in the warehouse,

  4. Select the items.
  5. Click the Delete button on the PRT_UI toolbar.