Step 4. Configure Security Options

About this task

You can help CIMPLICITY runtime users save resources by enabling automatic log out for a:

  • CIMPLICITY Viewer.
  • Terminal Services session.

Automatic logout will log the user out if there is no mouse or keyboard activity for a specified number of minutes. Based on the configuration selection, the user can be only logged out, prompted to log back in, or logged in as another user.

Automatic logout works the same as manually using the login panel to log out and in again.

Auto logout


  1. In the CIMPLICITY Options window, select the Security tab.
  2. Fill in the following details:
    Check Box/Field Description
    Enable Auto logout Select to enable auto log out.
    Wait Number of minutes there is no activity (e.g. no mouse or keyboard movement) before the select auto log out option takes effect.
  3. Select an auto log out option.
    Option 4.1 Log Out of CIMPLICITY
    Option 4.2 After Logging out prompt for login
    Option 4.3 After logging out log in this user

Webspace Allowed Directories List

The Webspace Allowed Directories List allows you to configure specific UNC network directories. In a Webspace session, CimView can use these network directories to load screens. For example, to maintain all the screens for the dependent servers on a common file server, you must add a UNC path to each Webspace server.


Use the following buttons to update the Webspace Allowed Directories List:
Button Description
Add Select to specify the network directories whose CimView screens can be opened remotely by CimWebServer.
Edit Select to edit a specific network directory.
Remove Select to remove a specific network directory from the Webspace Allowed Directories List.

Data Execution Prevention


Be aware of the following:

All of CIMPLICITY's DLLs and executables are marked to prevent code execution on data pages. This is a security measure to prevent buffer overruns.

By default, the Enable DEP check box is selected and the CimEdit and CimView binaries are secured.

A few ActiveX controls developed with VB 6.0 do not work with versions of CimEdit and CimView that are enabled with DEP. To use these ActiveX controls, clear the Enable DEP check box.

Note: You require administrator privileges to enable or disable DEP.