Option 4.3. After Logging out Log in this User

About this task

  1. Check After logging out log in this user.
  2. Enter a Username and Password.

    The entered user will be logged in automatically, when it is necessary, during runtime

Runtime behavior is as follows.


  1. A first user:
    • Opens a runtime application, e.g. Alarm Viewer
    • Logs into CIMPLICITY.
  2. The first user allows the machine to sit idle for the specified period of Wait time.
    1. The first user is automatically logged out of the runtime application.

    2. The second (entered) user is automatically logged in.

    Note: The application will enable only the features for which each user has privileges. Therefore, if the first and second user are assigned to different roles, the application may provide different functionality when the second user is automatically logged in.