About Import/Export Configuration

You can use the Import/Export Utility to:

  • Write existing CIMPLICITY point data in to a file.
  • Create and modify CIMPLICITY point data using third party software.
  • Import point data into CIMPLICITY software to update the database.
  • Update the configuration of multiple points at a time.
  • Delete CIMPLICITY point data from CIMPLICITY software.

You can use the same point information to configure more than one system. For example, you can use a spreadsheet to create and modify point data, then import the data into both the CIMPLICITY database and Logicmaster 90 software.

The following is a quick overview of how Import/Export passes data between the CIMPLICITY point database and third party applications.

In addition to reading and writing information in the CIMPLICITY point database and CSV files, Import/Export uses information in the Import/Export configuration files to determine default field data, and writes informational, warning, and error messages to a log file.