About Point Attributes

CIMPLICITY provides you with different types of point attributes that help you evaluate different perspectives of a point's status.

The types of available point attributes are:

  • User defined
  •  Create a new Point attribute set.
  • Quality
  • Runtime
  • Configuration

Attributes can be used in expressions in:

  • Event Editor
  • CimEdit for CimView
  • Point Control Panel opened from a CimView screen
  • Custom applications making point requests
  • BCE scripts

These attributes can be referenced in many CIMPLICITY applications in the same fashion as a configured point ID.

The general syntax for referencing a point attribute is:

<point ID>.<point attribute>

Syntax Description
< point ID > A normally configured point ID.
< point attribute > One of the point attributes described in this chapter when you click one of the four buttons above.
  • You can also use the CIMPLICITY Point browser to select an attribute that is available for a selected point and apply it to the application in which you are working. You can open the Select a Point Browser from any expression field.
  • Point attributes do not apply to system points .