Step 9. Configure Help

You now can use the Online Help, Local Help, or Remote Help with CIMPLICITY. You can choose one of the options during CIMPLICITY installation or from CIMPLICITY Options Dialog post installation.


  1. In the CIMPLICITY Options window, select the Help tab.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    Note: For a CIMPLICITY Viewer, the Local Help option is not support. You can select the Online Help or the Remote Help option.
    Table 1.
    Option Description
    Online Help Select to configure the Online Help with CIMPLICITY. You will need internet access for this option.
    Local Help Select to access the Help installed on the local machine.
    Remote Help Select to access the Help installed on a remote server.
    Note: To securely access the Remote Help on a viewer, you must install the SSL certificate. For more information, refer Install SSL Certificate on a Viewer or Remote Machine.
  3. If you selected the Online Help or Local Help option, skip to step 6. If you selected the Remote Help option, perform steps 4 to 6.
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. Help Server: Host Name or IP Address of the server that has help installed.
    2. Port Number: NGINX Port of the server.
  5. Select Test Connection.
    A success message is displayed.
    If Test Connection fails, you must verify if:
    • You have entered the correct details.
    • The server is running.
    • The NGINX service on the server is running.
  6. Select OK.


You can access the configured Help using the F1 key or the Help button on CIMPLICITY product screens.