About CIMPLICITY Options

CIMPLICITY software supports running multiple projects on a single computer.

Step 1 Open the CIMPLICITY� Options dialog box.
Step 2 (Optional)  Set projects options.
Step 3 (Optional) Select Startup options.
Step 4 (Optional) Configure automatic log out.
Step 5 (Available with more than one IP address) Configure Network IPs.
Step 6 Identify host nodes and IP addresses.
Step 7 Configure Broadcast Sessions.
Step 8 Integrate with Windows Firewall.
Step 9 (Optional) Configure Help.
Administrator privileges required.
Note: If you have a web server installed, you can use the Broadcast Sessions tab to allow CIMPLICITY to serve up broadcast sessions that generate PNG files on a periodic basis containing the contents of specified CIMPLICITY screens. More information