3. Edit a Point through the Point Control Panel

About this task

You can open a read/write Point Properties box for any point in the Point Control Panel.

Important: CIMPLICITY dynamically updates any changes you make in the Point Properties dialog box even if you have not enabled dynamic configuration.


  1. Select a point in the Point Control Panel.


    A point that is in a high alarm state is selected.

  2. Do one of the following.
    • Click the Edit Point button on the Point Control Panel toolbar.
    • Select Edit>Edit Point on the Point Control Panel menu bar.
    • Right-click a point; select Edit point from the Popup menu.

    The selected point's Point Properties dialog box  opens.

  3. Make any changes, the same as you would if you opened the Properties dialog box by double-clicking a point ID in the Workbench.


    The high alarm state values are changed in the point's Point Properties dialog box.

    A Alarm limit values when first opened.
    B Alarm limit values changed.

    Note: If you click Apply at any time, CIMPLICITY will dynamically update the system with your changes.

  4. Click one of the following when you are ready to close the dialog box.
    OK Saves any unapplied changes and has CIMPLICITY dynamically update the system.
    Cancel Discard any unapplied changes.


The Point Properties dialog box closes in the Point Control Panel. The system is updated if you clicked OK or Apply.


OK was clicked. The selected point is no longer in alarm state.

Tip: You can confirm that the changes were applied by opening the point's Point Properties dialog box in the Workbench.
Note: The Edit Point feature is enabled if you have access to the project's configuration data (e.g. either running on node or via a mapped drive from off node; an off-node Viewer does not have the required access) and the required CIMPLICITY privileges. Your role must have the dynamic configuration privilege enabled, and the privilege to configure points enabled, if configuration security is set for the project.