1. Add Points to the Point Control Panel

There are several ways you can add points the Point Control Panel.

Tip: A quick way to add points is to open an existing file that contains some or all of the points and class objects you want to work with.

You can add selected or all points in a project:

1.1 Add points using the Select a Point Browser.
1.2 Add points directly from the Workbench.
1.3 Add class object points to the Point Control Panel.
1.4 Add points from another Point Control Panel file.
  • The Point Control Panel displays the time in the local time zone of the Viewer.
  • If you are not logged into CIMPLICITY a CIMPLICITY® Login dialog box will display when you try to add points to the Point Control Panel.

Once you fill in your User ID and Password, if your role has access to the Point Control Panel, you will be able to add points.