Manual Mode Points in the Point Control Panel

In the Point Control Panel you can easily make use of the CIMPLICITY manual mode feature.

Manual mode enables a user to take a device point that may or may not be currently available and put it in manual mode. The user can then set the point's value. This is particularly useful if a point is attached to equipment that is known to be malfunctioning and, consequently, creates a problem in other areas of the system.

The Point Control Panel enables you to:

1 Add manual mode points to the Point Control Panel.
2 Enable and disable manual mode points.
Note: A user must have a role in which Modify Attributes is checked in the Roles dialog box in order to work with manual mode points.


A temperature sensor that reports temperatures, which are acted upon by CIMPLICITY applications to initiate temperature control actions, fails. To continue the high temperature setting, a user with Modify Manual Mode privilege places the point that reflects the errant sensor in manual override mode. The user then sets a value that causes the application to cease the unnecessary temperature control procedures. This allows users who are knowledgeable of their CIMPLICITY application implementation to make emergency, temporary adjustments to their system's operation. Consequently, the application does not have to anticipate and provide for handling of all possible failures in its implementation.

When the temperature sensor is fixed, the user disables manual mode. Point data collection resumes.