Step 3.1. Enter Device Point Basic Device Properties

The main purpose of the basic Device tab is to define where the point is located in a device and how the point is to be updated.

Basic device specifications include:

Step 3.1.3. Select Update Criteria for a Device PointStep 3.1.2. Enter a Customized AddressStep 3.1.1. Select a Device ID
Step 3.1.1 Select a device ID.
Step 3.1.2 Enter a customized address.
Step 3.1.3 Select update criteria for a device point.
Note: Addressing is used for most GE Intelligent Platforms device communications options and for devices created via the Device Communications Toolkit API that uses custom addressing.

If you write a custom device communication interface using the device communications Toolkit API and you design your interface to use standard addressing you will get a different display.

For further information on addressing for the protocol and device, see the CIMPLICITY Device Communications documentation.