Step 1. Enter Specifications for a new Device Point


  1. Open a New Point dialog box.
  2. Enter the following specifications for a new device point.
    A Point ID
    B Device type
    C Class
    A Point ID

    Unique name that identifies the point.

    Maximum Length: 256 characters

    B Device type

    Check the Device radio button to select device as the Type.

    Options for selecting the device are as follows.

    Option Description
    Field Entered device will be associated with the point.
    Opens a Select a Device browser. The selected device is entered into the field.

    Displays a device Popup menu.
    • Browse: Opens the Select a Device browser
    • Edit: Opens a device's Properties dialog box if a device is entered in the field.
    • New: Opens a New Device dialog box to create a new device.
    • Devices: Previously selected devices can be quickly selected for the new point.

    C Class

    Point classification dictates what the data type can be selected.

    Options are:

    • Analog
    • Boolean
    • Text
  3. Click OK.


The new point's Point Properties dialog box opens.