Virtual Point Only Configuration

Virtual points do not directly originate from devices.

There are two types of virtual points:

Global points Have values that are generated by an application such as CimView. These values are shared by multiple CIMPLICITY software applications.
Calculated points Are generated from arithmetic or logical expressions that modify or combine one or more numeric points. These values may then be shared by multiple CIMPLICITY software applications.

Virtual points provide you with the ability to calculate and report data that is independent of any one device.

On a very basic level the virtual point can be available to receive a value from a variety of sources across your projects, e.g. scripts or C++ programs. Once the point exists, you can use it wherever the use is consistent with its formatting.

On a more advanced level, the value of the virtual point can be derived from a calculation that you specify during configuration. This calculation can include the value of one or more virtual points. To do this you:

Step 1 Create a new virtual point.
Step 2 Enter virtual point general properties.
Step 3 Enter virtual point virtual properties.
Continue Device and virtual point configuration.