Configuration File for the Counter Log Files

The configuration file that controls the counter collection is called DefaultCounters.txt.

  • DefaultCounters.txt location
  • DefaultCounters.txt format and directives

DefaultCounters.txt Location

DefaultCounters.txt is in the CIMPLICITY perfserv directory.


...\Proficy\Proficy CIMPLICITY\perfserv\DefaultCounters.txt

DefaultCounters.txt Format and Directives

The following text displays when you open the DefaultCounters.txt file:





Process|Private Bytes|_Total


The format of the DefaultCounters.txt file is

  • Directives preceded by a #
  • Record indicating the counter to collect

The following directives are supported:

  • VERSION indicates the version of this file, should not be changed.
  • UPDATERATE how often data should be collected in milliseconds
  • MAXFILESIZE how large can a log file be in bytes
  • MAXFILES how many versions of the log file to save

Each record in the file can have up to three fields separated by the '|' character:

  • Object Name – name of the object to collect.
  • Counter Name – name of counter to collect, can contain * as a wildcard character.
  • Instance Name – name of the instance to collect, can be blank, can contain * as a wildcard character.