July 2018

The Future of Additive Manufacturing

Last month, at the Gas Power Summit in Greenville, South Carolina, GE's Power Services business announced  the world’s first upgrade with additive manufactured components for GT13E2 gas turbines – the new MXL2 with Additive Manufactured Performance (AMP). The new technology can help gas plant power producers save up to $2 million in fuel annually, while opening up the potential for additional revenue of up to $3 million annually in new power capacity.  


“We’re continuing to invest in new technologies to keep our installed base competitive: the new MXL2 with AMP upgrade could not be manufactured with conventional methods and marks the first-of-its kind solution with the injection of components manufactured by additive technologies,” said Scott Strazik, president and CEO of GE’s Power Services business. “We’re excited to bring this technology to our GT13E2 fleet, which we acquired from Alstom in 2015.”


The MXL2 with AMP include two components produced by GE’s Additive Manufacturing Works (AMW) teams in Birr, Switzerland, and Greenville, South Carolina, United States: the first-stage turbine vanes and heat shields. These parts are among the turbine’s hottest-running components, and the significant amount of cooling air they traditionally require impacts the engine’s performance. Additive printing allows GE to use advanced cooling designs that considerably reduce the amount of cooling air the parts need, improving the turbine’s performance and offering operators potentially millions of dollars in benefits per year.

This technology can significantly elevate the output and efficiency of existing GT13E2 gas turbines. It’s capable of:

  • Reducing component cooling requirements by up to 25 percent.
  • Increasing output up to 21 megawatts (MW) in combined-cycle configuration.
  • Achieving efficiency improvement of up to 1.6 percent in combined-cycle configuration.
  • Delivering maintenance intervals of up to 48,000 hours.


The upgrade will enable launch customer Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG to increase electrical power of its Heizkraftwerk Berlin-Mitte power plant (in Berlin, Germany) by approximately 21 MW and thermal heat generation by about 4 MW. The efficiency of the GT13E2 gas turbines will be improved by approximately 2.5 percent. In addition, the power plant will extend its major inspection interval by approximately two years.


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CS16897-01 AMP Infographic

21 MW
increased output

Efficiency Increase

$2 MM
annual fuel savings